I’m so glad you found me!  You came to the right place if you are looking for information about domestic violence.  I’ve run the gambit from victim to survivor to advocate.  I strive to be a voice of hope for victims of abuse.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, please talk with me, get to know me, tell me your story, help me get to know you.  We’ll share laughter, tears, encouragement, and hope.  I don’t have a degree in counseling, but you can learn more about my “comforting” sessions I call “Sit and Sip.”  Just click on that tab for more information.

If you have a friend or loved one who is an victim of domestic abuse and you’re not exactly sure how to handle the situation, I can help you with that.  Contact me and we can chat. I have plenty of information and resources to share.

But this site is much more than a place of refuge and resources for abuse victims and their friends and families.  It’s also a place to find hope, encouragement, laughter and joy.  I’ll share some of my thoughts, my friends and family will share theirs also.  We’ll exchange recipes and travel stories and ponder the deep, deep meaning of life, ha! I would love to hear from you too!

Would you like to read more about my story? Or perhaps you know someone who is being abused. They might benefit by reading my experience with domestic abuse.  My book, Knight in Tarnished Armor is available wherever books are sold.

I’m also available to speak about domestic violence.  My past and upcoming domestic violence awareness events are listed on under the “events” tab.


For quite some time now,  I’ve been working to develop a training for corporations to benefit victims of domestic violence.  The purpose of the training is to spread awareness of what a victim of domestic abuse brings to work, how to help them by making all employees aware of the dynamics of domestic violence, working with vicitms while they navigate this trying time in their life and providing ideas to develop a domestic violence awareness policy within the corporation.

A huge part of the program is to provide someone within the corporation who will be the DV awareness advocate – the go-to person for not only victims, but employees who may be concerned about coworkers whom they suspect may be victims.  For this person (or persons if more than one), I provide one-on-one personal advocate training.

I also provide an awareness training for employees.  This is a general over-view of domestic violence to make all employees aware of the dynamics of domestic violence and how the policy will help if there is a victim.  It brings understanding of what a victim is going through and how to treat a victim who is under tremendous stress while at work.

If any of this sounds helpful to you and your company, please click here  or on the “Trainings” tag in the header to read more.  Then contact me to set up a training.  It’s so much better to have a policy in place than to wish you did when the need arises!