A Path to Hope – Restoring the Spirit of the abused Christian Woman

the path to hope

A Path to Hope written by Rose Saad


Being a Christian woman in an abusive relationship has its own set of unique and complicated problems. After all, we are taught that we are to be submissive and obedient to our husbands, that they are the head of the household and we answer to them. We are taught to put our needs and wants after those of our husband and children. We are taught to not question our husband’s leadership, but instead back him up in all of his decisions.
And that usually works very well in a healthy relationship where both spouses love and respect each other, listen and share thoughts and ideas and work equally well together as a couple. It doesn’t work well if one of the spouses is an abusive, narcissistic, disrespectful control freak.
A Path to Hope, written by Rose Saad, a survivor of domestic violence, is a thorough, scripture-based book written to help the abused Christian woman sort out all the confusion of being a victim of a man who professes to be a Christian, but his actions tell a different story. And then he uses scripture to validate his abusive ways.
Rose details what domestic violence is and the ways the abuser gets and keeps control. In great detail, she places the situation in scripture from realizing you are a victim to healing, dealing with the anger and shame and onto forgiveness. She reveals how God hates abuse and that domestic violence is a sin. She also includes a section on how the community and church can better help victims of domestic violence.
This book is an invaluable tool for those struggling in an abusive Christian relationship and those who feel the call to help victims dealing with this growing problem.
Check out more of Rose’s wonderful writings at RoseSaad.com

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