But He’ll Change – A Must Read!



But He’ll Change – End the Thinking That Keeps You in an Abusive Relationship

by Joanna V. Hunter
Like so many of us in the domestic violence advocacy field, Joanna had been a victim of abuse at the hands of her husband. They tell you to write what you know, but as a victim of domestic violence, you feel driven to write what you don’t want others to know…the feeling of being a victim. But once you get free, you want them to know that they can get out and once again have a safe, happy, terror-free life.
Joanna’s excellent book gives answers to all the reasons that may be running through a victim’s head for not leaving an abusive relationship. With gentle wisdom, she guides the victim’s thoughts from… “I can’t leave because” to ways to think about the relationship with a new perspective, one that will free the victim’s thoughts to help them come to peace with their decision to leave. I particularly like her definition of domestic abuse as “the systematic suffocation of another person’s spirit.”
Thorough, thoughtful and well organized, this book is a must read, not only for victims, but also for friends or family members who want a glimpse into the thought process of a victim. The educational tools in the back of the book are valuable and comprehensive.
This is an excellent book and one that I will use as a resource.
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  1. Thank you for highlighting But He’ll Change, and for your lovely comments. This March is the 10th anniversary of BHC helping women change their lives.

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