Let’s Start This Journey Together!

(Cause it’s a lot more fun than going it alone!)


I’ve been sitting before a blank screen wondering how to even start this journey. I wrote line after line, and then hit the “Back Space” button and watched them disappear from the screen.


I have spent hours reading what the experts say a blog post should or shouldn’t be…it should serve a purpose, solve a problem, be useful, have buzz words, that type of thing. Those are all really good ideas and I’m sure they work, and will apply them in later blogs posts. But for this very first blog post, I just want to talk to you, if that’s ok with you.
It’s been crazy trying to get this whole thing off the ground. And by “whole thing” I guess I mean the next chapter in my life. I’ve worked at the same desk for 37 years, doing the same thing every day. I figured I’d be a lifer…stay at that same desk until I could retire, at 62 and a breath.


And then I went to Australia. I’m looking at things a bit differently these days.
I’ve been involved in the domestic violence awareness field for 15 years, writing, speaking and comforting victims. I survived an abusive marriage and feel a strong desire to be a voice for other victims. Since my abuser died, I am finally free to share my story and step out into the open to help victims.


When I came back from Australia it hit me so strongly that my “lifer” job just wasn’t all I was meant to do. I had to do something more with my life. Nothing in particular happened on the trip to bring to me that conclusion. I’ve always said, “When I feel myself getting narrow minded, I know it’s time to travel.” And the month-long trip, driving approximately 3,000 miles across that sun-burned country all by myself gave me a lot of time to think, my mind expanded.


Not everything I share will be about domestic violence and what I blog about might not pertain to you at the time. There are blog posts out there on every imaginable subject from auto repair to zebras. You read what interests you and ignore the rest. So, if I feature a blog that doesn’t interest you today, check back in a day or two and perhaps you’ll find something to brighten your day, make you laugh, give you an ah-ha! moment or teach you something you didn’t know. Check out my weekly quote and sign up for my monthly newsletter and give me feedback. Let’s have fun with this!


Welcome to my new endeavor, and I hope you’ll accompany me on my journey. My goal is to bring hope, joy and encouragement to all, but especially to victims, to show them there is a new life waiting for them on the other side of fear and perhaps, it may even take them on a mind-broadening trip that will change their life.

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