Marriage Proposal Green Beans

I don’t know about you, but I hated veggies when I was a kid. I guess I should rephrase that. I hated any veggie that you cooked. I loved raw lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumbers, that sort of thing, but green beans, corn, broccoli, ewww! I remember telling my mom, “When I’m six years old, I’ll eat corn.” (I remember because she never let me forget it when my sixth birthday rolled around and I refused to eat corn.) But as I grew older, I had to admit that some cooked veggies aren’t that bad.


My ex-husband (who was a fantastic cook, by the way) suggested that I put ranch dressing on peas and that made them edible, just. I was never a fan of green beans, though, mostly because they squeak on your teeth…oh, come on, you know what I mean! But somewhere along the line I stumbled on this recipe for green beans and I fell in love with them made this way. Apparently, some others did too, because I had two marriage proposals when I served these at a large gathering. So, here’s my recipe for the best green beans you’ve ever eaten (and make sure you use French cut green beans because they don’t squeak on your teeth hardly at all!)

4 pieces of bacon fried and crumbled
2 tablespoons of butter
1 envelope of dry ranch dips dressing
1 package (16 oz) French style green beans

Sauté beans in butter, sprinkle with dressing, toss to coat, sprinkle with bacon and serve.

It’s that easy and so delicious!

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