Daises of Hope Bracelet (Silver)


On each bracelet is a daisy charm and six more charms stamped with 6 words…freedom, happiness, breathe, gratitude, strength and peace. Six cards printed with a poem for each of the words is also included. Shipped in a lovely mesh bag and cheerful box.



The Daisies of Hope bracelets are ready!

This project started because I wanted to encourage victims who are in, or survivors of, DV situations. I thought about the words that were most important to me as a survivor.  I came up with six and I wrote six poems to describe what those words mean to me.

On each bracelet is a daisy charm and six more charms stamped with the 6 words…freedom, happiness, breathe, gratitude, strength and peace.

My friend, member of my board of directors and one of my biggest supporters, Dawn Davis, has graciously hand-stamped each charm, a mix of different metals and shapes, with the words…no 2 bracelets are exactly alike.

Also included are six cards on which my poems are printed and a card which describes why I have chosen the daisy as the symbol of hope for DV victims.

Given as a gift for someone else, or to yourself, their daintiness and whimsy are gentle reminders of the resilience of the human spirit.  Even though these are inspired by domestic violence victims, everyone who has struggled can find solace in the messages the poems convey. Whether you or a loved one are struggling with domestic violence, mental or physical illness, or loss – you can conquer anything with a Daisy of Hope dangling from your wrist.

Why a Daisy?

The daisy stands for, among other things, new beginnings. It’s hard to look at a daisy and not smile, the innocence, purity and simplicity of this cheerful flower makes the heart glad.  The word “daisy” comes from a word in Old English that means “day’s eye”. Its center is a mini sun! The daisy’s message is one of hope and renewal. Receiving daisies as a gift is a symbol that the sender can keep a secret.

I have chosen the daisy as my symbol of a safe, happy, peaceful life after living with an abuser. It has always been my favorite flower and even more so since becoming a survivor of domestic abuse. Not only do I want to pass along, through my daisies and charms, a message of hope, but also the assurance that if you confide in me, I will keep your secrets.

I wish for all victims of abuse peace, strength, freedom, happiness, gratitude and the freedom to breathe! As you make your journey from victim to survivor, collect the charms to add to your Daisies of Hope bracelet.  Each charm comes with a poem I’ve written, a message from me, that I hope will speak to your heart and give you encouragement.

May you safely travel your road to freedom and may it be bordered with daisies of hope!

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