It can be hard to find someone who understands your struggle when you are a victim of domestic abuse and have been silent for so long. As a survivor, I have dedicated my life to supporting those who are suffering along a similar journey.  Below are a few first hand accounts from victims of domestic violence with whom I have worked through the years.

I was so grateful to have the privilege to get to know Pam. See, I too, was in an abusive relationship – verbal and mental and sexual. It’s not something you ever get over, you just learn how to cope.  This is something no one should have to go through, but it’s nice being able to talk openly with someone else who has. Pam helped me realize I had nothing to be ashamed of and the more I talked the easier it was. A person tends to hide, and not seek advice or help. It’s like you’re just trying to survive, but inside you’re slowly dying. Pam and her book help me to finally realize I wasn’t alone and what had happened was not my fault. My partner is a alcoholic, narcissistic abuser. The best therapy is to talk to others. It will bring everything to surface and you learn how to deal from there.  I still have trouble trusting men and need to work on it. But I can say I finally have peace.  God helps you through this. Pray, and God puts people in your life like Pam to help.  I call them God’s Angels.


Dearest Pam,
I  want to express to you my total heartfelt appreciation for all you have done for me over these past few years. After going through my years of emotional and physical abuse I was finally free, or so I thought. Everyone that I was close to thought this also. Why was I still feeling so trapped, alone, afraid, and hundreds of other things that I was told I should have moved forward from?  I found out why with loving support, knowledge, caring, and above all your understanding. You were the only one I had that told me what I was feeling was normal for a person that had suffered with  the abuse that I had. Pam, you spent hours on the phone with me and this was before you ever met me.  In my bad times when I would isolate and not talk or reach out to anyone, you would search me out with just a friendly “Hello” or “How are you doing?”  You gave me light in my darkness. Because of the time we have spent together chatting or texting you have been the one to let me know that there was hope and I would survive. I just wanted you to know what you have done for me and how much you have helped me to become not only a domestic violence survivor but a warrior. God brought you into my life for a reason.  I know that he has great plans for you and I am just waiting to see what he has in store for me.  No matter what it is, I know that I now have a friend that will be there with me on my new path.
Love your sister in Christ and your warrior sister,

I was given Pam’s number by a friend of mine because I was having problems in my marriage! Things were getting worse and the yelling and name calling, belittling and mind games were about to push me over the edge! I agreed to meet Pam and let me tell you I was nervous and my anxiety level was so high yet as I began talking to her a calmness came over me. It was like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time! She didn’t scold me or yell at me for ruining things in the family for so many years because of my marriage, she calmly listened and I realized that she actually does understand where I am coming from! She knows how I feel! Finally someone gets me. God sent me an angel! Pam will do anything to help, she’s always a phone call or text message away. She doesn’t leave you alone either, she checks on you to see how you are doing and feeling! To anyone going through domestic violence or a survivor of , you need help please talk to Pam! She is wonderful and she is also a new friend! Thank you for everything! God Bless! DT

If you are the victim of domestic abuse and you are looking for someone to relate to, contact me through my Sit and Sip page.

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