Did you ever have one of those dreams where you are surrounded by snakes or you are falling and falling and you are trying to scream, but nothing is coming out?  You wake up all dry-mouthed making these little squeaks when in your dream you were trying to scream at the top of your lungs?  That’s what it feels like to be a victim of domestic violence and no one knows.  All these terrible things are happening to you and inside you are screaming, but nothing is coming out because it’s stopped by shame and embarrassment and fear.

I know that feeling well because I lived it.  My husband was so wonderful and we were so in love that after two years of marriage my sister commented, with an eye roll, “Pam will always be on her honeymoon.”  Yes, it was that good.  Until it wasn’t.  Then it was horrible.  How could I admit that my perfect marriage to my perfect husband was actually a nightmare behind our cabin door?  How could I explain what was happening when I wasn’t even sure myself?  Was I really going crazy as my husband told me so many times that I was? Who would believe me if I told them what he was really like?

You may read my story in the book I wrote, Knight in Tarnished Armor, A Survivor’s Memoir of Domestic Abuse”.  I wrote it because I had to.  When I escaped the abusive relationship I had been in for years, I couldn’t stop thinking about the women who were still in situations just like I had left.  I needed to do something for them.  So, I wrote my story and my happy ending, hoping to encourage those who are trapped with an abuser to find a way to escape and live a life free from fear.

There are so many victims suffering in silence.  I’m reaching out to you now, please reach out to me. Read my book, contact me, reach out to someone you can trust, start the journey to safety.  There is hope and a wonderful life waiting for you on the other side of your fear.


SURVIVOR                                             ADVOCATE

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